Saturday, 20 October 2012

"Help, we're eating out!" - Coffee House 101

Ok, picture the scene: you're out with friends, you're getting tired. Time for a sit down and a drink. You enter the coffee house.

What CAN I drink?

You're tired, you're starting to get hungry...

 Is there anything I can eat? 

Let's start with the basics:

All the coffees are out (caffeine) as are the hot chocolates (cocoa powder). However, if you are lucky enough to not be allergic to caffeine or cocoa, I can tell you that neither contain citric acid. Even decaff coffee still has some caffeine in it.

You may be able to drink the apple juice most of these places sell in bottles. Check the label, but the careful - citric acid is tricksy and has been know to hide under the name E330.

If they serve white hot chocolate that is an option.

Banana, toffee or white chocolate milkshakes are USUALLY ok, depending on the ice-cream they are using. Ask to see the packet, especially in countries other then England, because I can't vouch for what other places use as standard. Be careful of apple milkshakes (they may use apple sauce, and the preservative in that is...)

Do not assume you can eat the blueberry muffins. Some places add lemon juice.
As far as food goes, it is sandwiches (check no salad, which butter, no cheese, mayonnaise brand) or things in a packet listing the ingredients, I'm afraid.

I can now vouch for the Starbucks blueberry muffin.That is the regular one, not the skinny.Who knows, skinny one might be alright as well - but I cannot vouch for it.

I'll report back if I find other things in my wanderings, because I love coffee shops.

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