Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Drinks - Milk and Milkshakes

Plain milk we have no problem with. Wonderful stuff, and we all know what happens to little girls that don't get their calcium, don't we?

So, sometimes your milk needs jazzing up a bit.

Roll-on milkshake powder.

Unfortunately I have yet to find a milkshake POWDER that isn't freeze-dried death (at least to the citric-intolerant)

And don't you be fooled by that sneaky toffee flavour that Crusha brought out. Guess what other ingredient they added? No, I'm not bitter. YOU'RE sulking.

Moving swiftly on...

Ok, so common sense tells you that chocolate and strawberry milkshakes are out here.

Banana milkshake is usually ok. Unlucky for me that I dont LIKE banana milkshake.

Which means there are three options:

  • Just drink your milk plain

  • Create your own milkshake experiments. If what goes in is good, what comes out is usually better! Toffee and apple (yes, apple again...), or white chocolate and blueberry have always proven popular.

  • Buy the more obscure milkshakes!! 
In this category we have...

'White chocolate flavoured milk' from Morrisons. This is good, this is very good! It is exactly what it says on the bottle. Sorry about the dreadful picture quality, I'm just trying to let you get an idea of the packaging in case you go hunting for it.
'Sticky toffee pudding flavour' milk from Tesco.If you like toffee (and milkshake!) this is worth a go. Very, very sweet - you have been warned!
And the more well-known brand:

These are relatively expensive, but worth it for a treat. Since they're limited edition I'm not sure how long they will be on the shelves, bu I'm hoping a long time:

some people have complained this is too plain, especially those who do not like to drink milk on its own. I like it, but agree there is not a lot of additional flavour from the vanilla.
Yeah, I said I didn't like banana milkshake, and if you really hate banana flavour then give this one a miss, but teamed with the toffee it is definitely worth a try. It really does taste like banoffee pie, but without the crust (obviously!)
This is simply delicious, if very sweet. Milkshakes are meant to be sweet, though, aren't they?

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