Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dried blueberries - an alternative to raisins

For once the title says it all.

Tesco Wholefoods Blueberries 100G

Dried. Blueberries.

They are basically like raisins, certainly smaller, maybe a bit sweeter. Definitely a great alternative.

An important note, as always, is ALWAYS CHECK THE PACKET. The ones in Morrisons nearly caught me out - they add citric acid (Why????), but the ones from Tesco, they're good to go! Other stores are likely to carry the safe ones, too, but I can only vouch for places I've been.

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  1. Citric acid is often used as a preservative, which is why you'll find it in things that shouldn't have it (canned foods for example). I didn't realize that blueberries were citric acid free. Good to know!